Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end to sticky is near

It pays to have a friend who makes maple syrup. Allen stayed over night at a friend's house (Jacob), who's parents are Robin and Kieth. I mentioned them a couple of posts ago. On Saturday morning, they gathered up the sap and went and had it made into syrup. Allen went along to take part in the whole process and came home later with a jug of maple syrup. Yum! Nothing beats the real thing! Thanks, Robin and Kieth!

Things are looking better concerning school. I have gotten a lot of major projects completed and handed in. The load on my shoulders is lighter! However...the trip to Paris is still on my shoulders and that is the biggest one! In two days, I present the lesson. I'm really nervous about how it will turn out. I don't feel ready! On a positive note...I managed to complete my cataloging homework this morning without feeling completely confused! Yeah!

I am looking so forward to being done with all of this! Just a few more weeks and I can take a little break before starting up again.


Rachel said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little less stressed. Pretty soon summer will be upon us...you're not taking any summer classes are you?

Martha said...

The pancakes look yummy! I love real maple syrup. It's well worth the drive to Clifton Springs to get it from the makers.

As long as you don't get lost in Paris I'm sure you will do fine. Take along a translation book and find out how to ask for a "restroom". That's important.

Wanda said...

Your pancakes are yummy looking, and I've never had syrup straight from a tree....

I'll take a short stack... and lots of butter and syrup..

Glad school things are looking up!!


Priscilla said...

I will be doing an internship at Macedon Public Library for midMay-June and then will take one class in July.

In the fall I will only take 2 classes.