Friday, April 03, 2009

Sweet Success!

Things are looking good now! The Paris Webquest went really well yesterday. I was very pleased and more importantly, the teacher was pleased!
Most of my BIG projects are done! I think I'm actually going to survive this after all.


Rachel said...

Awesome, I knew you could do it!! I was praying for you.

joeks said...

I never doubted that you'd make it and would do well! Enjoy what you have left.

Martha said...

Oh, yummy! Can I come over for breakfast?

I'm so glad to hear your bog project went well and you are coming "unglued" in a good way.

Martha said...

I just reread all your "sticky" posts and when I got to the end I felt myself smile.

I love you. I think you are doing a great job!

Gudl said...

I am happy for you! Yes, you are doing 'it' and it will be all good in the end! Congrats!!

Tracy said...

Congratulations, Priscilla! What a relief. I'm sorry that this semester has been so difficult and stressful.

StacyB said...

OH! I hadn't seen this post!

So nice to meet you today. Glad you got through this big project.