Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting unstuck!

I have been working hard on a research paper. It is coming along very well. It is due on Tuesday by midnight. I'm sure it will be done before then. I'm learning a lot and enjoying it!

I'm also doing a collaboration project with a teacher at a high school nearby. Basically what that means is that I take on the role of a librarian and work with a teacher to help her complete a lesson objective. In this case, a French teacher wants to teach her students about the basic layout of Paris and the sightseeing monuments, museums, etc. I'm creating a webquest for her to use as a tool to do this.

Good news! I think I have a short internship lined up for myself at a public library in a town nearby. I'm pretty excited about it! (More on this in a later post)

Here's the plan. After this semester, I take 2 summer courses (including the internship I just mentioned). In the fall I take 2 courses. In the spring I do my practicum (a librarian's equivalent to student teaching) and then I'm done! I will have a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and I can get a real job!


Martha said...

Yeah! I love your sticky pictures.

Rachel said...

That's great! I like your picture too.

Christine said...

You go girl!

StacyB said...

YAYE on seeing the goal!

Bethany said...

Just one year left!?! Exciting!