Monday, February 02, 2009

Its snow fun!

I couldn't find a good picture for my post today. I googled around and found beautiful ones taken around our town in the snow...but I couldn't take them. They aren't mine. So today I bring back an oldy, but a goody. This was taken two years ago. Alicia was 7 and she sure was having fun with her daddy going down that hill!
See? Winter can bring joy!


Rachel said...

Just looking at this picture made me smile. Great shot!

Tracy said...

Nice picture, for sure. Are you trying to convince someone else, or yourself?

Martha said...

Winter can be tons of fun, especially if one is a kid (or a kid at heart). Every once in a while I decide to try it out again, and ya know, I usually enjoy myself very much.

Gudl said...

Yes, winter can bring fun, too.
But I have to admit, we didn't go sledding last year and didn't go sledding this year so far. Although we have a good hill in the woods!! We are just too busy or too lazy!!
It is nice that your "Dad" was sledding with the girls.