Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have been stuck for awhile now. I just can't think of a single interesting thing to blog about. I have come here and come here time and time again...trying to come up with something.

I'm just stuck. I'm so stuck that no one even visits my blog anymore.

If you are here, then you are reading this. Thank you. Please leave a comment just to make my day.

Various tidbits of my life: I have gone to two funerals this week, one of which was a double funeral for a man and wife who died the same there was a joint service. The elephant is getting smaller on my plate. It has been 40 degrees for two days in a row. My daughter, Alicia is very upset with her new viola because she says it is too big. I haven't played the piano in a while. haven't painted in a while. I do laundry constantly. I took the dog for a 4 mile walk yesterday. I'm somehow managing to keep my head above water in my school work. Audra needs a new pair of sneakers. I've been checking craigslist every day for a new dresser for Audra. No luck yet. I need to write a paper this week. I need to find someone to interview about at-risk students. My dog still follows me from room to room because he thinks I'm the best.


Rachel said...

I'm "stuck" just like you. I enjoyed reading this post about the little tidbits that are going on in your life.

Gudl said...

I check your blog!
I am very busy, too! Life is just hard at times.
It's good that you walk with the dog. I do that, too. It keeps me sane.
It is always a pleasure seeing Alan at Teen CBS!
Have a good day.

kristina said...

I am stuck too. That is a great post! (Except for the funeral part- that is sad.) It is nice to know what is going on with you. Thanks for writing this.

joeks said...

For not having "a single interesting thing to blog about," I'd say you just had a pretty interesting post! And it sounds like you have a pretty smart dog. : )

Martha said...

I check your blog often and enjoyed today's post. Ben and I both need new sneakers. I love you.

Dunja said...

Priscilla...if you would know how stuck I am.I can totally relate.I am planning to get unstuck.
There are two dressers( Ikea-but nice) I could give to you for free! Maybe you take a pick up and come for a visit.I also could give you a kitchen table with 6 chairs.The one I had in sat on eating cake with me.And other things.I am downsizing.I gave Anika a great pair of sneakers for her birthday.It's a mix of sneakers/hiking boot shoe.She refuses them.Size 9.5/10
This is just to show you that whatever I do, it seems to be not right.
I walk the dogs daily as well.I always think, plan and pray on these walks,as well as sing or cry.These days I am dragging myself through the woods because of my injuries of the fall.It hurts.I also do laundry constantly.Actually I like doing laundry.I wash dishes now by hand because my dishwasher doesn't wash.
I am listing my home for sale and I am sad about it.I love my home.But times are now different.
Cheer up! We are breathing and we are healthy!
God bless!
PS: I read your blog and if you want to come visit and pick up these things I have to give away and others, come down.

Mellimaus said...

LOOK I'm reading this!

Glad to hear Audra's (still?...) doing Viola! She'll be fine--just takes a little longer for your fingers to adjust to a bigger instrument.

Our dog follows my mom from room to room, too. they always to go the mothers :-P. :)

Tracy said...

Hello! Four days later, but I am reading your blog post. Sherman is right, you are the best.

Priscilla said...

Oh wow! I needed to catch up here!

I am sad that you are struggling so much! I bought Audra a dresser off of Craigslist for $30. She is an 8 shoe. No room for the table. But thank you so much for your generosity. I will be praying for you. Hugs, my sister!

It is Alicia who is playing the viola. I think she will adjust eventually.

I took Audra out shoe shopping. She is terribly picky. Although there were many nice shoes, she only liked the pair that cost $70 and I wouldn't let her even try them on.