Thursday, January 11, 2007

Recent photos at last!

At last I have figured out how to put pictures recently taken on the web. It will be more fun that way. However...I must be strict with myself in computer use. It is not typing that bothers me. It is clicking and scrolling with the mouse.

A few pictures here.
Allen on Christmas evening at Martha's house.

Alicia with our dog, Sherman.

Audra working on a sewing project.


Nixter said...

Good work on the pics, I love the old pics too but these are fun too.

T said...

good looken kids!!!!
the boy looks like you alot.
mmm girls too but really see it in the boy.

Tracy said...

How did you get them to post? Just curious. It's nice to see the pics.

Gudl said...

Nice job putting the photos on the web! I LOVE Alan's sweat shirt! Yes, you have a nice family (incl. dog!)

Martha said...

Very nice! I love the look on Sherman's face. He really loves those kids and they love him too.

Priscilla said...


Allen specifically asked for the sweatshirt for Christmas. Got it at Calvary Chapel's Bookstore.

Interesting observation T. everyone here marvels at how much he looks like his father. We went to a family funeral last week (an old uncle of my husband's). Relatives we hadn't seen in years knew who he was just because "he looks just like Jamie did at that age." Audra looks most like me I think.

Priscilla said...

I guess looking at my profile picture I can see why you said that.

Shelly said...

Looks like you are having fun with your new camera!

Martha said...

Right now I'd have to say that Allen looks like both of you. Letting his hair grown has brought out some of you. Audra definitely still looks like you.