Tuesday, January 09, 2007 update.

The drywall is up. Mudding is being worked on. It is coming along quite well.

I have access to a sloooooow computer. (better than nothing)

I have carpel's tunnel in my right wrist. (Finally went to doctor) I am wearing a wrist splint...not all day, but particularly at night.

Sorry so short. Trying to conserve wrist. Blessings to all!


Rachel said...

Will the carpal tunnel get better with the splint (I know it won't go away), or will you eventually need surgery? I have the same thing in my right wrist, but it isn't so bad yet.

Gudl said...

I am glad things are moving right along in your house! Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel. is not fun 'to age'. Haha. Hope you will feel better soon. See you tomorrow!

Nixter said...

Hope it gets better soon :)

kristina said...

Thanks for the update. Sorry about the wrist. Does it hurt? Can you still use it?

Priscilla said...

I can still use it. When I sleep at night, my arm goes to sleep...sometimes 'til it feels dead. This is classic symptom of carpal tunnel. My doc gave me the splint to put on while I sleep. It didn't go to sleep last far so good.

Rachel, carpal tunnel doesn't go away? She didn't tell me that. Is that really true?

Hi Nix! (and Gudl and Kristina)

T said...

carpal tunnel, can go away in some cases, it is a matter of not doing that thing that makes it flare... mmmm that would be a bummer for you eh?... I had it bad when I worked for the parks. I had to totally change how I did things so that I wasn't using my wrists. it is a matter of retraining... well that is my experiance anyway... some can't shake it and do have surgery.... don't recomend that.

Rachel said...

I made that sound bad didn't I? Like t said, it's a matter of not doing what makes it flare up. In my case, my job will occasionally make mine flare up, but I'm not quitting. I can go months without it bothering me much, and then for some reason it will flare up and bother me for a time. Mine seems to feel a little different than yours too... mine's more of a sharp zing in my wrist when I move it certain ways. As far as surgery goes, Dave's mom had it and it wsa quite successful, but it had gotten pretty bad (years) by the time she got to that point.

Tracy said...

T - do you know someone who had carpal tunnel surgery that turned out badly? Because generally it is a pretty routine surgery these days with very good outcome.

It is caused by pressure on the nerve that runs through the narrow channel in your wrist. If the pressure is being caused by a flare up of swelling that gets better with rest, then it can resolve. But if it is an ongoing pressure from that chronic overuse and is not relieved with rest, then surgery should be considered. As with any nerve-pressure situation, if it goes unrelieved for a long period of time, there is a risk that surgery will not make it go away because you waited too long.

Does that make sense? So I wouldn't say definitely have surgery. But if rest doesn't work, there comes a point that you don't want to put it off for a long period of time.

T said...

yah some guys at darren's job. it was a long time ago. so maybe things have changed.
and they being who they are didn't really change "how" they did things either.
mine was the Oh my gosh they are dead at night thing... they would throb at night and I would have to get up and shake them awake only to have it happen an hour later.
so get better!

Martha said...

Maybe you can get one of those gizmos where you can just talk to the computer and it writes everything down for you. (Yeah, right...)

T said...

oooh yah that would be fun eh?
mmmm. there are ergonomic key boards they arn't that much... I am thinking about getting one too. that and a web cam .
oh well