Sunday, December 14, 2014

What to do with an old book

I've been busying myself making Scandinavian Woven Stars.  
My first attempt.

My second star. 
They are intended to be Christmas gifts for my wonderful TAs in the library in Fairport.
They each took me about two hours to make.
I like the second one better than the first.

If you are interested in making one yourself, go to an antique shop, 
buy yourself an old book,
And then go to this tutorial.
Have fun!

Friday, December 05, 2014

Enjoy This Year's Christmas Video!

My husband is the production manager at a small company that makes professional videos. The company has made a number of local commercials, training videos for companies, documentaries, etc.  They have done work for Xerox, Aldi, International Food Network, and Gould Pumps to name a few. In fact, Xerox even sent them to France and Germany to create videos for their international division.

Every year they create a Christmas video for the amusement of their family, friends, and clients.   So here is this year's video. If you keep watching after this year's video ends, it will continue on to show all of the previous years'  Christmas videos.

Here's the link!

Just for the record, my husband is the shorter of the two Animal Kontrol guys and the one who flings himself into the tree.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot. One of the very important jobs my husband has (along with everyone else who works for LaBarge) is to spot inconsistencies and other mistakes during video work. In this year's video....they created one on purpose. See if you can spot it.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Learning to Listen and Wait

I have been trying to wait on the Lord and listen to where He is directing me. It is not always easy to hear what he is saying. I've had times in my life where a message has come to me loud and clear. Unfortunately, I have not always heeded that message. Other times I need to be still and wait and listen. I think there are even times when His voice is never clear and we simply need to pray, use our best judgement and then trust. I'm trying to do better. I was waiting for direction for the next rock to help me across the stream of life.

Penfield central schools called me and wondered if I would do a LT sub position for them. I couldn't just say yes because it overlapped with the assignment I am currently doing. They were willing to consider holding the position for me if they didn't find anyone to fill it. Would the next rock say "Penfield?"  On Friday before Thanksgiving, Penfield called again to inform me that they had found a LT sub to fill the position. No...that would not be the next rock.

In the small city where I live, I am in a position to travel south, east or west to any of the rural districts in those areas. I think several of them would be great to work at...but some of them make me a little leery. My sister in law informed me about an immediate opening in a rural district near her. It is about a 45 minute commute down country roads. I admit that I wasn't very thrilled. Is this what the Lord wanted? Would the next rock be this particular district?  I really wrestled with this one. I almost didn't apply. I really didn't want to work there. What kind of faith did I have if I wasn't even willing to apply? What if God was sending me there and I wasn't being willing to go? I applied...and waited. I got called for an interview. I went. I interviewed. I walked out of that school really feeling like I did not want to work there. I just didn't feel comfortable with this district. Was this the message? My gut feeling? I had some legitimate concerns. I discussed it with Jamie to see what he thought. He had the same reservations about me working for this particular district. I finally decided that if I was offered the job, I would turn it down, but I wanted peace that this was what I really should do because I still wasn't sure. Was I just being a snob after working for two very reputable districts in the Rochester area?

An answer came today. My principal came to me and asked me if I would stay on at MB to allow the woman I am subbing for to extend her leave by a month and a half.  I said yes and I feel peace knowing that is the rock I will step on next. It still isn't permanent...but somehow I know this is right.

Friday, November 28, 2014

I am Famous, Just in Case You Didn't Know

It has become a tradition that "Aunt Priscilla" makes turkey soup the day after Thanksgiving. Since we also had ham yesterday, my husband convinced me that I should make the potato pea and ham soup that I am famous for, besides the traditional turkey soup. Yes...I am famous, in case you don't know. (Said with a smile of amusement) Here's the story behind the soup.

When Jamie and I were on our honeymoon, we stayed at bed and breakfast places in Vermont and New Hampshire.  We had a fall wedding, so it was really a perfect place to go. We were wandering around Stowe, VT and went into a little country store. We immediately were tantalized by an amazing smell. It was coming from the deli section of this store....a potato soup with some ham and peas in it. It tasted amazing! We wanted the recipe. The lady in the store would not give it to us. It was her secret which she wasn't about to share with anyone. Jamie guessed at the predominate spices and the lady said, "Yeah...okay that's in it," but wouldn't give more information.

We went home and decided to try to figure out how to make that soup on our own. We came up with one that was pretty darned close. A couple of years later, I decided to mail it in to Country Magazine. This was all before the internet, mind you. I never heard a thing from the editors of the magazine and eventually pretty much forgot all about sending it in. Years passed. We had at least two children and moved to a different part of town. One day, the phone rang and it was a lady congratulating me on the publication of my soup recipe. She had been reading her Country Extra Magazine and noticed that one of the recipes had been submitted by woman named Priscilla B______ of  Cdga, NY. She was so excited to see a recipe from someone in her town that she told her husband. He promptly got the phone book out and said he'd find out where I lived just for fun. It turned out that I lived on the same road as them! We were living on a country road at the time and they lived about two miles down the road from us. I still had never heard anything from the magazine and no longer even subscribed to it. I had to call up the magazine and ask for a back issue (March 1999).

Now, years later, you can google my name and add potato soup to the google search and it's all over the place. Looking at the published recipe is somewhat amusing because, while it is basically my recipe...I never really measure anything. I never have. The recipe has exact measurements throughout. I also changed how I create the thick and creamy milk base. I no longer use milk. Instead, I use heavy cream...which vastly improves it. More calories and higher fat, but I've never been one to worry too much about it. Everything in moderation. So, here is a link to my famous soup. Unfortunately many of the links have my first name spelled wrong and there are even some sites that refer to it as being "potatoe" soup. I can assure you, that I have never put any toes in it. was also published in a book called "The Best of Country Cooking 2000." (I think that was the year.)  So there you have it, and now you can say, "I knew her when...."

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Merry Chri......I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!

We made it to Jamie's brother's house in Pennsylvania last night without incident. No snow or any traffic trouble. This morning we awoke to falling heavy snow. It has accumulated about a half a foot...the heavy, wet kind.  Here is Cody (my nephew) snow blowing the driveway. He is 14 years old.
It is smelling good here. Kevin cooked the turkey already so that tomorrow he can bake the ham and everything else will be cooking too. The pie that Cody helped me make is baking in the oven. I always wanted kids who liked hanging with me in the kitchen and cooking too. It sounded like such a bonding thing to do.  It turns out that my own kids aren't very interested. Cody was nice company though.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Step Here

My life has become a faith walk...I suppose that is the way it ought to be. I keep picturing the crossing of a stream. The Lord just keeps showing me where to step next. The rock I'm stepping on now says, "Martha Brown Middle School" on it. I'm not sure what the next rock will say.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hope you read this

I just discovered this essay that my 19 year old son wrote.
Please read, and enjoy. I'm very proud of him.

Come to think of it, he is referring to an experience that happened the time I dropped him off at camp, which I blogged about here:

He was actually 12 at the time.