Saturday, April 13, 2019

Slave Stealers by Timothy Ballard

I have just completed reading a most incredible and inspirational book. It truly makes me want to be a better person. To “be the change” so to speak.

Slave Stealers

by Timothy Ballard

In this book, Timothy Ballard parallels stories of slave rescues in our nation’s history to slave rescue stories of today. Yes...slavery is alive and thriving in our world today. Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It is happening right in our nation and around the world. Ballard founded the organization called “Operation Underground Railroad.”  This organization has been instrumental in rescuing 100s of children and young people from the evil grip of the sex-trafficking industry. O.U.R is working, even as I type this blog post, to free even more.

This is a fascinating book because it appeals to both lovers of history and also to the human rights activists. I’m always enthralled by a good story. This one didn’t disappoint. While I have read about Harriet Jacobs before, this retelling cast new light on her story. Her courage and bravery (along with that of others like her) is awe inspiring. She was part of a cast of people who were instrumental in freeing black people from the cruelty and bondage of slavery in America. I love how the book flips back and forth between history and what is happening today in regard to freeing people from bondage. The stories Tim tells of the rescue missions that his team has taken on put me on the edge of my seat...not wanting to put the book down. I just had to read what would happen next.

I believe awareness is the place to start to lead to change. I have become more aware by reading this book. Awareness brings a sense of responsibility to help bring about change. The question remains as to what I will do with this awareness. My first step is to share this book with you and encourage you to read it.

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