Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Neighbors (part 2)

I have been enjoying watching my new neighbors-the house wren family. Usually I watch them from the kitchen window as I eat my breakfast. I also like listening to their pretty little songs. Alicia joined me in watching the show this morning. We were watching both Mr and Mrs House Wren chase Mr Grackle away from the house. Bad Mr Grackle!!!
After I walked with Alicia to school, I decided to try to take pictures. They are quite challenging to catch on camera because they are really quick. I think they like to duck into and out of the house before anyone sees them. (or can take a picture) I was very patient though.
As you can see, I caught this one in flight. I was waiting for him to poke his head out of the hole and I missed him.


Martha said...

I think you did a great job taking pictures of those birds. They are fun to watch when I don't have so many distractions vying for my attention.

Katya said...

What lovely little neighbors you have!! They must love their beautifully unique one-of-a-kind house, too! I'm sure your dad would be smiling widely! Not only do the wrens have a lovely house, but oh, the greenery! It looks so awesome!

Gudl said...

Isn't it nice to be able to watch 'nature' ? So cute. I am happy for you all. The birdies, for their nice house, and for you, for the joy.