Sunday, January 24, 2010

Calling all creative people!

Help! I need to create a newsletter for a fictitious library. I'm having a hard time thinking up a creative name for it. Does anyone out there have any ideas? "The Library Gazette" is just soooo boring!


Anonymous said...

Bookworm News
Book Bulletin
Library Log

Or any combination of the above words in addition to...

Martha said...

The Reading Railroad
(I crack myself up sometimes.)
Turning Pages

Okay, so I'm not feeling so creative this evening...

Wanda said...

Library Lighthouse

My brain is so dull..... I think I'll pass and let younger, brighter minds help you!

I like the other suggestions by anonymous and Martha.

Priscilla said...

Ok! I like the suggestions! Thanks. I think I may go with a newsletter called "The Bookworm" with a subtitle that says "News from you SLMC"
(that stand for School Library Media Center) Now I just have to write it and get it done and submitted to my professor by 11:59 PM Sunday night.

Priscilla said...

BTW, I got a great grade on this newsletter. I think the name helped! LOL!