Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Balmy at 20° F

After having temperatures in the single digits for several days in a row, it actually felt balmy today at a whopping 20°. That is...until I decided to take a winter walk with the dog. We lasted a half an hour. You know it's cold when your dog refuses to put all four feet down on the ground at once.
I took along my camera (still the old one...which takes excellent pictures outside) and snapped a few pictures just for fun. My new camera should arrive in a few days.
There are Christmas tree carcasses all over town. I counted 12 laying on the ground when I drove my son to school on Saturday morning for swim practice (and that was only after thinking of the idea to count them). I'm planning on taking ours down today too.Yesterday, I went to see my mother. I was amazed at how much more snow that she and both of my sisters have on the ground in their towns. Mom and my nephew Dave were surprised when I told them we could still see blades of grass through the snow in Canandaigua. I wish I had my camera with me yesterday to show you the difference.More snow fell overnight...which has essentially covered all the little blades of grass poking through here and there. Here is one of the sidewalks downtown. I can't work my camera very well with gloves on. My hand was so frozen after the above picture that I swore it would be absolutely the last one I took.
However, I couldn't resist taking a picture of this happy fella. He just thrives in the cold!


Martha said...

"Christmas tree carcasses..."
That made me smile. I never quite thought of them that way.

Love the snowy city sidewalk too.

Here winter looks like I remember it to be when we were kids; deep, fluffy snow everywhere.

Katya said...

What a wonderful little jaunt the two of you had! You got some great photos, too! Wonderful!!!!

I am unusual because I love the cold and snow. It really doesn't bother me like the heat of summer. Heat makes me crazy!!!(actually just dizzy, sickly-feeling and miserable!) My family goes into panic mode when they discover I've gone for a little walk in the snow. hehehe And I always have the camera handy!

I love the snowman....aren't you glad you *didn't* stop when you said?

Rachel said...

It looks so pretty. I have to admit, I do like it right now even though it's so cold. Give me a month of it though, and I'll be ready for spring. You talking about Sherman not wanting to put all of his feet down, reminded me of Jake. He used to do the same thing. Koty doesn't seem to do that, although he hasn't been out for a long period of time...just 15 minutes or so.