Saturday, October 04, 2008


Jamie and I went to the Rheinblick German Restaurant last night. Very busy and very yummy! We loved every bite. I made sure to order something with the red cabbage on the side because I love red cabbage. My mother makes it...but since it is not a favorite of my husband's, I don't get it often. I don't remember the name of what else I ate, but it was delicious. Jamie ordered the wiener schnitzel. He gave me a bite and I just may have to order that next time. It was a nice evening and we were able to walk to the restaurant because it is not far at all from our home. Good exercise too.
I wish I had a picture to present here...but it was dark and my camera flash does not work.


Rachel said...

I wanna go there too!

Martha said...

I am also looking forward to a visit one day. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Luna said...

Oh, that sounds delicious. We have red cabbage and Roast meat today too ;o) It´s a typical German Sunday meal.
I´m glad you enjoyed the German Restaurant.

Happy Sunday!

Dunja said...

What a nice dinner you had! I am glad it is well received there.
I can't help but feel kind of sad at the same token.This was Volker's and my goal to have a German Restaurant in Canandaigua together.And everything just changed.
One of these days we will come to visit and I will check the Rheinblick out.

Priscilla said...

I have thought of that, Dunja.

I forgot to mention that Jamie and I went out to eat because it was our anniversary.

Martha said...

And I realized this afternoon that it had been your anniversary. Hope it was wonderful!

Wanda said...

Oh yummmm I love red cabbage too!!

Wish I were close enough to go with you!!

Gudl said...

Happy Anniversary!
I am glad you liked it at the "Rheinblick". I always love it when friends stop by. I see more of my friends now actually. That is nice.

Dunja said...

Happy Anniversary!!