Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another Cool Library

Today I visited another library at an elementary school in another school district nearby. I just loved it there! The librarian there was just so cool! She really makes the library fun. I decided that when I am a librarian some day, I want to be like her. She has her students excited about reading. When the kids came in and she sat them down to do her lesson, she asked them what they had been reading. The kid's hands were flying up everywhere. They all wanted to share what they had read recently. She had all kinds of things for kids to do in the library. They all seemed happy to be there.
She also does really fun activities such as a pumpkin decorating contest. They need to decorate the pumpkin like a character of a book. In the spring she has a storytelling festival. I already volunteered to help with it. It'll be in March. I'm already looking forward to it!
I will definitely be coming back to this library to do other things. She has already invited me to come back and do some hands-on projects. I need to complete 25 hours by December 1st. This will help a lot!


Martha said...

Now that sounds like fun! If only everyone who worked with children had such enthusiasm! Almost makes me want to go out and find some more kids to have some fun with. (Oh yeah, I'll have a bunch on Tuesday.)

Wanda said...

Oh that does sound like fun. Two of my grandsons have a Library like that! The Librarian is so full of life and ideas, by grandsons love it and are always winning prizes for reading!!

Good job!

Christine said...

My kids love the school library!

Have fun helping out!

James Austin said...

Another cool library.

Priscilla said...

Fascinating link, Jim! Thanks!

Joe Fool said...

I tried to comment the other day, but the computer was being fruity or something.

I said, "Hey I went to the FLCC Main Campus Library the other day, it was big."

Well there you have it, my long lost comment.

Tracy said...

Hi Priscilla! I hope your studies are going well. I haven't had much contact with you lately - I'm sure because we've both been pretty busy. I'm so glad that you are excited about your career path!