Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Computer

With some of my loan money for grad school, I bought a new computer. I've never had a new computer before. All I've ever had are old, hand-me-down computers. Jamie thought I should get a new computer because of the grad work I'm doing. I don't know much about computers except for blogging, e-mails, doing simple web-searches and more recently Facebook. Computers are used a lot in the library industry.

I worked at a public library as a teenager, but back then most of the work was done manually. We still used card-catalogs with drawers and library cards were paper that we typed up and had patrons sign. We stamped things, and put the due dates on cards that were inserted into pockets inside of the books. No bar-codes back then. A lot of cool changes have taken place.


Kim said...

Libraries sure have changed, haven't they? I love the e-mails I get from them to tell me that my books or movies are in, or even that they're due! I love that I can search and request things from home too.

I got a laptop for Mother's Day. I've always had old computers too so it's nice to be updated. And most people laugh when they look at my cell phone, it's big and purple and doesn't take pictures.

Wanda said...

How fun to have a brand new computer. I finally got a new one too and love it.

I'm like you, I type, I blog, I download pictures, and email. Sometime I do a google search!!

Have fun with it!!!

Judi-gmj said...

I use my internet access to get order/place holds on books I want. Then they notify me when they are in. I haven't talked to a librarian in ages, I think they are so important to know. Maybe I will go visit one when we get back.
Test them to see if they know the
D.D. System :)

Martha said...

I miss our old library, the one that used to be in town. It was small with the adult library upstairs and the children's down. It was much easier to keep track of my little ones and no one had to shush them if they made noise. We loved going there and would often walk up with a friend after supper on warm summer nights. My big dog, Misty, would follow along and wait for me outside the door. But now we have a big modern library with a town hall attached. Small children disappear between the aisles of books and the ceiling leaks when it rains hard. It is huge and hollow and makes me feel sleepy like Barnes and Noble or Border's Books.

Priscilla said...

A ceiling that leaks? That's not good. Books don't like mildew.

Rachel said...

Ooooh, a brand new computer!

Libraries have definitely changed. I'm always a little confused in there and usually end up asking for help.

Tracy said...

Congrats on the new computer! I'm so glad to hear that school is going well so far. I had not really thought about how much has changed over the years in the library management.

Jenny said...

I loved the card inside of the books. You could see who had borrowed the book before you.

Christine said...

Yeah, I love when we get a new computer every 5 or so years!