Saturday, May 17, 2008

I can't wait to do laundry!!!!

This was something that I did not blog about before, but my washing machine busted. I have either been carting my laundry to other places to wash for the past 2 weeks, or been using my broken machine. Last night I did a small load in my broken machine. The spin cycle finally didn't work at all...instead of working somewhat. I could actually ring out the clothes. They took quite a while to dry in my dryer.

Today Jamie and I took Alicia with us to look for a new machine. Luckily, there is a store right around the corner from us. Gudrun, you will be pleased to know that we purchased a Bosch! (Bosch is manufactured in Germany)

They are delivering it on Monday. I can't wait!


Rachel said...

For 2 weeks you've been carting your laundry around? Why did you wait so long to get a new one, were you seeing if it was repairable? Well, I'm glad you found one today, I can't imagine being without one.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Glad you have a new machine! it will make laundry so much easier to do.

Kim said...

Wow, I can imagine with all of the laundry for a family of 5 that must have been a pain. I hope you like the Bosch. Is it a front loader? That is what we always get. A front loader, not a Bosch but I hear they are good ones.

Your post reminded me of when I lived in WV one summer and washed my clothes in a bathtub. How hard it was to wring them and but I loved hanging out clothes on the line. I still do! Just not when they are wet and heavy.

Martha said...

I used to wash my clothes in the bathtub when we lived in New Mexico. I would hang blue jeans outside dripping wet and they would be dry in half an hour. That is a dry climate. Here it would take three days!

Wanda said...

There is nothing like getting new applicances.... I was so thrilled to get some new ones when we moved into this house.

Will you post your new "German" machine???

Rub a Dub,Dub..... :)

kristina said...

I am familiar with Bosch. They make most of the parts for diesel fuel injectors and pumps that I work with everyday.

Here clothes would take days to dry, when I lived in ND I forgot a load in the washer and it dried there.

Hope it works out really great.

Priscilla said...

It is a front loader. I won't get anything else after owning one.

The laundry is really piling up. Tonight I made sure everyone has something to wear for tomorrow. Affirmative! After they install it tomorrow...I will be doing a lot of laundry! (and happily!)

Priscilla said...

Oh...Rachel. We were waiting for our stimulous check! Gotta boost the economy ya know.

Gudl said...

you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
That makes me happy for you!! lol
Congratulations. You will not regret it.
You need to buy the different detergent now,the 'he' detergent.

Bethany said...

Yum.... I love a new washing machine. We had to buy a new one recently and we also purchased a front loader. I looove it, except for bending over so far to get my laundry out. Have fun doing laundry!!

Christine said...

It's funny how we don't mis something so simple until we don't have it. Glad your getting back soon.

Dunja said...

I hope you like it....but not to burst your bubble...I heard that Bosch here in the US in not the same Bosch like it is in Germany.The same goes for some other appliances who claim the name but are manufactured elsewhere.I hope it has the quality it should have.Happy washing.