Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas 1970

Well, here we are just a year later. A few changes have occurred. Rachel has grown beautiful curls to her shoulders and has learned to walk. Martha is now wearing glasses and I am undoubtedly a bit taller.

I just love Martha's look on her face. Even though it is a profile, you can tell that she is full of glee...holding up that beautiful package that holds such promise of pleasure. I'm the one wearing the green pajamas. As you can see, I'm already tearing into a package of some sort. Probably clothes judging by the shape of the box. I'm wondering where my brother is in this picture and the last. He would have only been 13 in 1970, so he was there somewhere. Dad was always the one with the camera in our that explains why he is invisible.

Stay tuned for more Christmas memories in the next few days.


Martha said...

I'm guessing there was a doll in that box. I always loved getting a new doll. No wonder I have so many kids!

Shelly said...

What a fun series!!!

Martha said...

It will be fun if we can find enough pictures!

Rachel said...

Look at mom, she has her hair up in those curler things! I was probably a little more into opening presents at this age. Look on my blog and you will see what me and Martha opened!

Bethany said...

Mom is so cute in this picture! Even her pajama/clothes and slippers

Priscilla said...

I thought so too, Bethany.

Rachel...I had considered putting that picture in for tomorrow.