Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Winter Hike 2016

Every year my husband and son, along with Ed (a family friend) go on a winter hike in the Adirondack Mountains.
Allen is now up to 42 high peaks. Only 4 more to go to become a 46er! Jamie is up to 9 high peaks.

They hiked 2 high peaks. Tabletop and Colden.

Here are Allen and Jamie on Mt Colden. Allen has hiked to the top of this mountain before, so only added one new high peak on this trip. Both Jamie and Ed added two. That is Mt. Marcy in the background.  They had a great time. I picked them up from the thruway exit on Monday night around 7:30. I'm proud of them!


Martha said...

I like this.

ruth said...

We used to enjoy the Adirondacks. Those are some intense hikes. I'd grown up hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, where the trails are really very nicely groomed, for the most part. My first time hiking in the Adirondacks, I was astonished at what comprised a "trail" -- get from this little plastic ribbon tie to that one, and you will probably need both your hands and your feet to do it. I understand why you are proud.

Priscilla said...

Speaking of the Rockies, Allen's job this coming summer is grooming hiking trails there. No joke.

Carina said...

My nephew did that last summer and is doing it again this summer. Loved it - a great job! Challenging though! I love the mountains and i Adore hiking there. Too bad I live so far away from them. But I am happy I have a beautiful city park near my home. It is flat, but I cant complain. Take care. :-)