Friday, September 04, 2015

What I Learned in August

1.  It is harder than it looks to drop kids off at college.
I don't really consider myself to be an overly emotional person. I've never been the helicopter mother. I've allowed my children space to grow up and be independent. I know college will be good for them, but at the same time I worry and I really miss them. The house seems very empty. Eight and a half hours away is very far.

2.  Life has some crazy surprises.
I never expected to be hired by Wayne CSD this summer. I hadn't even applied for the job. The principal of the school called me up to tell me he had learned about my credentials and asked if I would consider interviewing for the job. The first question of the interview was a disaster and I was sure that I had lost the job at that very moment. They liked me anyway!

3. My regular reader from Mountain View, CA is using a proxy IP address.
I was curious about this regular visitor so I decided to do a little sleuthing. I figured out that the IP address connected to that visitor is a proxy IP.  I don't know why this person thinks they must hide their location while reading my blog. Maybe they will comment about this and enlighten me.

4.  The school district that hired me over the summer does not have air-conditioning in its library!
This is horrible. This is not just because I am self centered and like to be cool on hot days. (Although that might be part of it) It is very bad for the books to be subjected to heat and humidity. I've noticed that some of the books, especially the older ones, smell a bit musty. I will be trying to change this.

5.  My new office has a motion sensitive light. When I'm working at my desk, it will turn off and then I'm in the dark. it isn't totally dark, but this is still quite annoying. Especially since the motion sensor cannot "see" me so I cannot simply wave my arms around. I must get up and go around my desk to turn on the light. I will be buying a desk lamp very soon.

6.  The woman that the Lord impressed upon me heavily to pray for approximately 11 years ago had a bout of cancer right around the same time.
I just found this out last weekend. When I was lead to pray for her many years ago, I felt strongly that it was her health and that it might be serious. I begged the Lord to heal her and spare her life so that her husband wouldn't be broken-hearted and alone. After my prayer, I "reasoned" with myself that I was being rediculous and that my obsessive thinking and imagination was getting the best of me. I still prayed 'just in case', but figured that it was probably nothing. Last weekend I stalked her on the Internet. (Yes, I admit it...but don't we all do this with people from time to time?) That was when I learned of her bout with cancer.

7.  This same woman is a beautiful daughter of Christ both inside and out. 
This fills me with joy. I think she must be a wonderful woman and I'm glad she was the person the Lord chose.

8.  My son is an impressive leader and is very comfortable taking on roles of great responsibility.
This summer, he took on the job of being assistant program director at a Christian camp in the Adirondack Mountains. My husband and I went up to the camp to pick up our daughter who had been a camper for a week. We got to see Allen (age 20) in his role as assistant PD. He lead with authority and even prayed for all of the campers and the camp speaker who was about to give a message. It brings great joy to us as parents to see him growing into a responsible adult who follows the Lord.

9.  Allen has climbed 41 out of 46 of the Adirondack high peaks!
I am so impressed and proud of him!

10. Our daughter Alicia is quite knowledgeable about the constellations.
We were in the backyard at Jamie's sister's house. They live in the country, so you can see a lot of stars on a clear night. Alicia pointed out several constellations to me. She was able to name them and tell me about the Greek and Roman stories behind them. She is a quiet girl and I was impressed with her excitement and willingness to share her knowledge with us. I asked her if she had learned it in school. She said no. She learned it because she was interested in it and researched it on her own. Her librarian mother was so proud of her!


Martha said...

I enjoyed reading this post very much. You have some really great kids. I'm proud of you and Jamie and them too.

Leaving kids at college is hard. Jim wasn't even 18 when we left him in Pensacola. It was July and he couldn't even come home to visit until Christmas. By Thanksgiving he sounded so lonely that it nearly broke my heart. I'm glad your kids have each other. (I know, I said that before.)

Sometimes the surprises life dishes up are good, and sometimes no so good. (You can pray for me. I'm not sick, just struggling through the swamp.)

Love the dark nights when the stars shine bright. I went to Tops for "supplies" last night (can't run out of those...) and was looking at the night sky too. I can find the Big Dipper and maybe Cassiopeia, but that's about it.

Rachel said...

I can imagine that I would feel the same way leaving my kids that far away at college, tough stuff.

So happy to hear about Allen and his enthusiasm to follow Christ and His lead in his life. I often don't know where mine stand, although I do see Steven praying before his meals (he eats at different times then we do because he works so much) and I know he wants to follow God, just don't know how disciplined he is with devotional time. Michael, I just don't know. He seems to enjoy certain messages at church and who he chooses for friends seems to be good... All I can do is pray. I remember Dad having devotions and praying...I could hear him talking under his breath, although couldn't really hear what he was saying. I fear I haven't been this kind of example for my kids. My own devotions are sometimes inconsistent or in the quiet of our home when they're not here. I hope they see Christ in me.

So happy about your new job! Neat how it came about. I guess this was God's plan. :)

Stacy said...

My sweet friend MaryLou Hedgepeth was a librarian for Wayne many years ago. I wonder who may remember her. Her husband Walt taught history.
Yay for your job!!