Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost to 46!

Jamie sent this picture yesterday from the Adirondack Mountains. He met up with our son, Allen to do a little hiking. Allen has been working as the assistant program director at a Christian camp up there.

Allen has now hiked to the top of 39 out of 46 of the high peaks. (Jamie is up to 7)

I love these two men in my life!


Martha said...

Very cool. I was trying to remember, a week or so ago, how many high peaks there are in the Adirondacks. I love that Allen has this challenge before him and is almost all the way there. (Jamie could double his by helping Allen climb the last seven.)

Priscilla said...

Yeah! That would be a great idea! Although, Allen has the goal of finishing the last 7 this summer. He has weekends off and can usually coerce another member of camp staff to join him.

Priscilla said...

Update....Allen is now up to 41 high peaks. Only 5 to go!