Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's Up?

I had a job interview last week at a public library.  Well....I haven't heard from them, but I know I did not get the job.

On Friday, I went to a reception in the evening at my church to welcome and hear one of our former pastors and his family. (they moved to Canada 7 years ago).  While I was there, I was talking to a woman named Debbie who told me excitedly that her niece just got a job as librarian at _________ Public Library.  I gasped and said, "Well, I guess that means I didn't get it." Poor Debbie was horrified and felt terrible about telling me (she had no idea that I was interviewed or had even applied for it).  I was okay with it and actually found it to be rather humorous. I had actually figured that a decision was probably made and it wasn't her news was just a confirmation of that belief.

I have a long term sub position in a suburb of Rochester, which I told a few "friends" about at a RASL meeting (Rochester Association of School Librarians). One of these "friends" asked me which school I had gotten the job in.  When I told her, she proceeded to tell me that she had subbed there once for the librarian and it was "hell." She then gave the ghastly details about why it was so horrible...topping it off with, "But maybe it won't be as bad as all of that for you."  I was not very happy...but it was her that I was not very happy with.  I thought that it was a rude thing of her to do.  Even if her experience had been "hell," as she put it, was a it a good idea to tell me about it?  After that, she proceeded to fill me in on the doom and gloom of the job market and how this person and that person have not found jobs yet.  And also that this school librarian who moved to Maryland is moving back to Rochester and she has so much experience both in Rochester and in Maryland and we will now have to compete against her....blah blah blah.  This woman was a walking black cloud of doom.  I left the RASL meeting feeling really down in the dumps.  On the way home I was like, "I need to shake this off and think more positively!"  It was a struggle...and still is.  I snap out of it and then slip into it again.

Anyway...I am sure that this job in G***** isn't as bad as what this woman described.  I think this woman is a very negative person and I will try and steer clear of her at future meetings. People like that just drain me.

On a better note, my son Allen has received a beautiful financial reward letter from Roberts Wesleyan College.  So...he really CAN go to college after all!  I was seriously worried that he would end up going to FLCC.  There is nothing wrong with FLCC...but I don't think it would have been a good choice for him.  He's the kid who really needs to go away to a four year college.  He also really wanted to go to a Christian college...and it is a relief that he really will be able to do that.  We are waiting to hear from another college before the final choice is made, but Roberts is a very strong possibility.


Martha said...

God knows just the right job for you. What is "hell" to one, may be heaven to another. (And what may seem like hell one day, may not appear so bad a day or two later... It's all in the perspective.)

I am incredibly blessed that Robert's offered Allen such an incredible scholarship package. I think it's awesome! :)

And, I must say that, although I was sad to miss the musical, it helped to know that Ben and Hannah were able to attend. I guess we can't all be everywhere.

Priscilla said...

Thanks. I was glad to see Ben and Hannah too!

Rachel said...

One day at a time. Right now, God has chosen this for you, so He must have a reason for placing you at this school. That to me is exciting.

I am SO happy for Allen!!! He has worked hard, it's nice to see that rewarded.