Sunday, January 08, 2012


Been in a contemplative mood today. Decided not to cook dinner. Everyone fends for themselves tonight. Is that okay? Why do I feel guilty then? Here is another year-2012. I'm 45. Just wondering where I'm headed next. Thinking about family and relationships, choices, libraries and my neglected art. I wish I could travel somewhere.
Maybe it's time to go bake something with chocolate in it.


kristina said...

I think it is ok. I have been feeling like that too. The draw blog is going (slowly)- that will help our art. You can think about traveling to Montana ;)

Martha said...

It is okay not to cook every once in a while. It stirs up independent thinking in the other family members.

I have not drawn anything for the blog... yet. Perhaps tomorrow.

Chocolate sounds good, even if it's imaginary (Like my slice of cake).

Montana sounds good too.

Priscilla said...

I would love to travel to Montana.

It's just that I think I should have been more successful in my life by now. Sometimes I'm not sure I'm content...but I have no choice. And that's not all.

I ended up baking pumpkin bars with chocolate chips in them.

Martha said...

Perhaps it is your definition of "success" that needs tweeking?

Priscilla said...