Monday, December 05, 2011

BHS Class of 1946

I looked in the yearbooks at BHS today and found my aunt in 1946.
She's on page 25.
Here's a closer look. She looks like a sweet girl. I would have liked to know her. The sad thing is that a short time after she graduated from high school, she died in a car accident. She was only 19. My mother was 14; her younger sister. I've often wondered what she was like and how life would be different if she had lived. I would probably have an uncle and cousins that I don't have now. Who knows what sort of different set of dynamics that would have brought to my life and family. Today I walked down the halls of BHS and thought, "She walked down this same hall as a young girl in high school all those years ago." It made me feel momentarily melancholy. However, the library at BHS is much too busy to allow me to ruminate for long on thoughts such as these. It was another busy day and I was on my feet assisting and locating resources for students and shelving books.
(P.S. I will be subbing at BHS for one more day as it turns out.)


Martha said...

Always seemed a sad story...

I think she looks a little bit like Aunt Margie and a little bit like Mom.

Yeah for being able to work there another day! :)

Martha said...

And a little bit like Debbie. :)

Rachel said...

I was thinking the same thing as Martha, kind of see different family members in her.
I'm glad you're getting so much subbing!

Priscilla said...

It's been two days since I've been at BHS and I miss it! I absolutely loved it there!

Priscilla said...

Actually...I see a little bit of Martha in her face. It's something about the mouth and nose...the way she smiles.

Martha said...

For a second I thought that said "... the way she smells."

I was thinking, "What is she talking about?"