Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panther Pond

Went hiking just over a week ago to Panther Pond in Adirondack Park just outside of Lowville. We were on our way to pick up our son from camp. It is a beautiful and absolutely peaceful place. Wish I was there now.
My job search has not been very successful thus far. It's a tough job market out there for librarians. There have been job cuts and many librarians looking for work. I have had two interviews out of the 14 job applications I have sent out since June. I did not get either job. I'm trying to keep my chin up and ears open for more leads.


Martha said...

The pond looks nice. I'm off to take a nap now.

Besides, we hear thunder... :)

Bethany said...

Hope you find a job quick!

StacyB said...

I will pray for your job search and for you to have patience waiting on His timing. [Not easy!!!!!!!!!!!!]