Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am back from my trip to Ecuador. I have so much to say. It was an amazing experience. I was unable to blog about it as it happened because we stayed in a very remote area that had no access to internet connection at all. During the day we worked in Pifo...but didn't have any time to sit in front of a computer...which I would have had to walk a few blocks to do anyway. I managed to speak to my family by telephone about four times during my two weeks in Ecuador. Each time I wanted to call them, I had to walk a few blocks to pay for the use of the telephone in a little store.
This is the house in Quito that we stayed in on our very first night. It is run by a missionary couple from the US. They host many short term missionaries or the family members of missionaries...or anyone who comes to visit HCJB radio in Quito. It was a beautiful place to stay. The couple fixed us breakfast in the morning and then we were on our way up into the Andes mountains to begin our adventure.
Before heading into the mountains, we stopped at HCJB Radio headquarters in Quito. We picked up some supplies that we needed and saw a bit of the complex. Click on the link to read about HCJB to learn about that amazing ministry.
Here is our team in front of the Buen Pastor Church in Pifo. The man to the far left is George, our missionary guide. He works for HCJB radio in Quito.
We went out to eat after church with the pastor and his family. Isn't this food absolutely gorgeous? It tasted delicious too.This is Pastor Romero. He is the pastor of the Buen Pastor church in Pifo. "Buen Pastor" means good shepherd in Spanish.A house in Pifo.A street in Pifo.Before heading to our home base in Papallacta, we went to Tumbaco to buy groceries. This was a fairly modern grocery store. We also purchased groceries for several families of Compassion children that are sponsored by people in our church. It was quite an undertaking loading the groceries onto the bus.That is our bus driver, Luis in the window as one of the grocery store workers hands him a box of groceries.
I will post more tomorrow with some specifics of what we did during the week.


Martha said...

I'm listening! :)

Bethany said...

Oh my, you are so much better at telling about what happened than I am/was. I am waiting to hear more and I want to know if the Compassion sponsors got to meet their kids!

Rachel said...

I am so excited to hear about your trip! Glad you made it home safely! How's your Spanish, did you use it much?

Marisa said...

Loved the pics! I miss home and my family! :(

Katya said...

I am finally taking the time to read! This sounds like an exciting trip and I know the Lord always uses these trips to help so many!

Priscilla said...

Marisa, I am excited that you came and read my blog! Welcome!