Friday, November 19, 2010

One woman's battle against dust and clutter

I have not blogged in forever and I thought of this great idea this morning. Post something! Let the world know you are still alive!
My brother-in-law has been redoing our one and only bathroom...and creating a new powder room besides. So to sum up my life in just a few sentences.
  1. Jamie, the kids and I empty one entire room into the living room. We need room for boxes that house bathtubs, toilets and also room for bro-in-law to put his tools and work.
  2. Next, we empty the bathroom of everything in it that is not nailed down-into the living room.
  3. There is dust and grime everywhere in the house because old plaster and lath walls have been demolished.
  4. A toilet...covered in grime sits alone in an empty shell of a room...TP in a zip lock freezer bag. Makeshift dusty curtain covers the window.
  5. No internet connection.
  6. Showers arranged at various homes of friends and the YMCA for two days.
  7. Lowes becomes our second home. We are on a first name basis with the guys who work in the kitchen and bath department. (Thanks Ken and Jeff!)
  8. I cannot find my favorite lotion anywhere.
  9. There are many things that no longer have a home-like toothpaste and contact solution.
  10. We take a family trip to Boston to "get away" for 4 days. Had a fantastic time!
  11. We come back to a functional new shower and a half dry-walled room!!!!
  12. Still washing our hands in the kitchen after using toilet, but I'm not complaining. I am so happy to see our old awful bathroom getting redone!!!!
  13. There are boxes and piles all over the house...has anyone seen the dictionary?
  14. Drywall dust is NOT the worst kind of dust in the world. (Dust from 150 year old plaster and lath IS)
  15. Luckily I have had a high school library to escape to every day...until Tuesday, when it ends. (bwah ha!!!! I miss it very much!)
  16. We have internet connection again!
  17. Drywall is all up in downstairs bathroom.
  18. We finally get a permit to start construction on the powder room.
  19. Walls of PR are being framed.
  20. I decide to download all the wonderful pictures I have taken of the school I have worked at, Allen's X-country sectionals and our trip to Boston...and then blog about my adventures.
  21. I cannot find my camera anywhere in this cluttered house!
  22. I settle for a pictureless blog entry instead.


Martha said...

I feel for you with the dust and chaos. You bathroom and powder room will be beautiful when your dear bro-in-law is finished. I still love my remodeled potty places.

How is Sherm doing with all the activity?

Priscilla said...

Good. He went to friend's house while we were in Boston. They loved him!

Bethany said...

You live! Hooray! Hooray for a new bathroom! We will have to come see it when it is finished! (It will give a reason to come visit... haha.)

Rachel said...

I can't wait to see it when it's all done. I guess you'll have to invite us over. :)