Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Snuggly Read

Went to visit my mom a few days ago. Sophie was there because Mart and James had gone to CA. She found a snuggly place next to Audra who was enjoying a good book.
Too cute to pass up a photo opportunity.


Martha said...

Her hair is getting long and wild, Sofie's, I mean.

Part of me wanted to leave the little critter there to keep Mom company, but Dave wasn't keen on the idea.

Priscilla said...

Why? He doesn't like Sophie? Lucas loves her!

Martha said...

He says they have a new baby coming and he thinks it would be too much. Besides, he feels obligated to walk her since he was the one who took her outside most of the time.

Who knows, maybe he'll soften. Besides, it's really Mom's decision 'cause it's her house. :)

"winta"- had about enough of that!

Gudl said...

I like the picture of Audra, it looks so peaceful.