Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break

It is looking greener and greener here in upstate NY. Of course...there are not really any daisies out yet. This picture is from last summer. Since I really didn't have any pictures on my computer that represented what it was like here today, I decided to just go with this one. There is no school this week. My yard and house was filled with kids. I wasn't even babysitting. They just came. It started with my daughter Audra and her friend Jean. They decided that they should organize a neighborhood game of Capture the Flag which would be played in our yard and the next door neighbor's yard. I literally lost count of the number of kids who came by today. It turned out to be a nice opportunity for some new kids to join in the fun. All the kids were running around chasing eachother and trying to locate and capture flags. I noticed a girl standing on the edge of the yard looking at all the action. I could tell she wanted to join in, but seemed shy and unsure about it. I had never seen her before and was about to call Audra's attention to her in order to invite her into the game when Jean noticed her. Jean is very outgoing and didn't hesitate to invite her into the fun. Soon the girl's brother showed up too. They are new kids on the block.

I will have to say that I really enjoyed having the kids here. Everyone got along great. There were no problems at all that I could see. The sun was shining and everyone got plenty of exercise. I'm thinking that some kids are going to be sleeping well tonight.


Gudl said...

Yes, it was another nice day. It is good for the kids to be outside! and for us adults, too!!
Nice days ahead for Upstate New York!

Rachel said...

Sounds like it was lots of fun today over at your place!

joeks said...

Wonderful! Brings back some good memories--kick the can, hide and go seek, four square--all outside and with lots of friends. What a joy for all those kids to be so comfortable at your place!
Oh, and daisies are my favorite!
It was, and still is even this late, very windy here today. But at least it's finally warm!

Martha said...

I'm looking forward to daisies too!

Yes, memories of days gone by. One of my favorites was playing hide and go seek in the dark.

Judi (Gmj) said...

Yeah, your place sound like the place to be. That house just looks like a "safe zone". Glad all had fun.

Bethany said...

I like when kids come hang out at my place too. There may not be any kids their age living here, but we have a dog and all are welcome to visit or play. So far we've had three or four different neighborhood kids come visiting at random times :)