Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where is the white stuff?

It is a little odd here for this time of year. No snow. Usually by this time there is atleast some. I think we will have a green/brown Christmas this year. At least we don't have to drive in it!


Gudl said...

This is how snow looks like??
(It will come soon enough!!)

Martha said...

God is dumping it all out west. Places like Denver and Albuquerque.

lm1 said...

in the winter that is.
grey brown is our typical winter wonderland,in the vally anyway.
on the mountian we have white wonderful snow.

Rachel said...

One of my bosses says this is due to "global warming".

Dunja said...

I am so glad there is no snow.Sorry to say.I could live without it all winter.What is the fuss about the snow?